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Work System - Energie Rinnovabili - Fotovoltaico - Off-grid

About Us

The WORK SYSTEM LTD, founded in March 2002, the integration of many skills including engineering design, "Earthmoving, Road Works, Sewerage, Drainage, Demolition, Construction, Renovation, Structural Wiring and Renewable Energy," by Riccardo Di Pietrogiacomo, Alberto Di Pietrogiacomo, Cristiano Di Pietrogiacomo.

Thanks to the diverse and long work experience of the members, The Work Sistem Ltd., is positioned in the market (leading) in several fronts, thanks to the thirty-year experience of mr Alberto and Cristiano Di Pietrogiacomo "earthworks, road works, sewerage , drainages "and surveyor. Riccardo Di Pietrogiacomo in "construction, renovations, structural cabling, Renewable Energy".