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Work System - Energie Rinnovabili - Fotovoltaico - Off-grid

The lack of access to fundamental services like electricity and drinkable water is one of the main factors related to poverty and health problems in Sub-Saharian Africa. This is why works like the one in progress at the Catholic Church of Massawa, Eritrea, which also manages the orphanage House St. Francis – Gherar, are smart solutions that exploit abundant resources…
Rural electrification agreement signed Bukasa Island Uganda on behalf of Absolute Energy for 100 kWp of photovoltaic and 230 kWh of storage in formula EPC innovative batteries sistem off grid. This opportunity is directly related to the great success of the first project and due to trust placed by the customer with whom we have established a relationship of extreme…
Kitobo Island (Kalangala District, Uganda) on Lake Victoria is finally lightened, and its 1.500 inhabitants are provided now with clean, safe, renewable and reliable electrical energy service. The power ensured by the photovoltaic power system is apt to satisfy the current and future needs of the small, active fishermen community.
Asmara, 18 January (Askanews) - Eritrea, as the Horn of Africa, is rich in sun and the Eritrean government believes in the development of solar energy, against an availability of 6 kilowatt hours per square meter per day: twice dell ' Italy and six times that of the UK.
This morning inaugurated the photovoltaic system of the courthouse, achieved through the installation of canopies on which the panels were installed. The work is within the "Syracuse smart city" projects.